Hello, I'm Faye, thanks for stopping by my Shop.

My background is in fashion design, I have spent the last 15 years designing lingerie for shops like Marks and Spencer and Oysho. I have always been OBSESSED by fabric, specifically a conversational print.

A few years ago after my first baby was born I got back into sewing..... I mean REALLY BACK into sewing. I was making soft furnishings for the house, dresses for the baby and patchwork blankets for all my friends becoming mothers. I couldn’t stop creating!

I started looking for fabrics that matched my imagination. And “Guess what?”, the only ones I wanted were in America. Never mind I thought, I can be patient (btw this is ABSOLUTELY not true but that’s another story). When my amazing prints finally reached me you can imagine how gutted I was when Mr UPS asked me for £17.19 in order to deliver it.

This got me thinking, why can’t I get all these fabrics here in the UK? And who has £17.19 lying around the house ready to hand over when you are ambushed by a delivery company?I thought surely I can’t be the only curtain maker/ quilter/ dressmaker wanting these unique fabrics in the UK? So I started and began curating the most beautiful fabrics from all over the world. Over the years the shop has expanded to include more of the things I LOVE 💕 (and there’s more to come soon). 

I’m always here to help you pair the perfect fabrics for your quilt, or match liners for your garments or help you calculate how much fabric that blind will need. Just drop me a message, I love to chat about making things!

Don’t worry if you aren’t based in the UK. I want everyone to enjoy the thrill of making something with your hands, so I ship worldwide and have competitive postal rates.